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PWA App / “The Machines”

Relevant Prior Works


Magic Realism Bot, Somerset House, London (2016)

Overview of the director

Mitchell’s Wikipedia pageIMDBOpera Australia profile; sample reviews of Belvoir St & STC productions.


Revelant current projects of the IT team

The two key enabling innovations that will allow us to realise the show are:

(a) Our story generator Magic Realism Bot (2015) and its gallery installation at Somerset House, London (2016) . It has won commendation in  The New YorkerDazedSlate, Quartz; Fusion; TheNextWeb; Asymptote; and others.

(b) Philosophy generator TheoryBot, to be launched mid-2017, was demoed in pre-beta form at Crossroads In Cultural Studies in late 2016. It


These two projects build on a sequence of software and hardware devices created by the team that algorithmically generate stories in various literary forms.

(a) The first was Q&A response generator Enquire Within (2013) which utilised Twitter content to answer questions from the public. Shown in Sydney and Darwin simultaneously for ISEA2013; supported by Australia Council for the Arts. Review in RealTime.

enquireWithin copy

Enquire Within (2013)


(b) Play generator Everything Is Going To Be OK (2013-14), a dynamic, ever-changing duologue sourced from real-time Twitter content. Preview in Broadsheet; publication in Overland.

instagram pix copy 2

Audience Instagram photos of Everything Is Going To Be OK, Carriageworks, 2014


(c) Fiction generator #1 (2013): a proof-of-concept entitled DataFiction v0.1. Exhibited in Newcastle’s Electrofringe, reviewed in Artshub.

(d) Fiction generator #2 (2015): a computer-generated novel sourced from social media entitled Death of an Alchemist. Exhibited in Norway and Canada. Discussed in academic journal Hyperrhiz.

close up

Death of an Alchemist, Bergen, Norway (2015)


(e) Data-driven chatbot Betty (2014) exhibited by dLux/Art Gallery of NSW Contempo, that was followed by a tour of regional centres across Australia accompanied by education resources.


Promo image for BETTY (2014)


Other relevant past projects in this area include:

(a) Two coauthored chapters in academic books on writing and technology: one on data-driven writing processes including bots published by Palgrave; the other on socialbots published by Routledge. Various other conference presentations and talks on bots and AI including at University of Sydney’s “Raising the Bar”.

(b) “Deep Muppet” algorithmic art experiments. These were reported in Gizmodo, Germany’s Nerdcore, and elsewhere.

(c) Poem created by data-mining Donald Trump’s speech and interview transcripts. Reported in BuzzFeed, Nerdcore, and elsewhere.

(d) Further projects at Andrew’s site

(e) Further projects at Chris’s site

(f) Entry in the international electronic literature directory



For more information, please see the team bios.