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Jokes, experiments, noodling

May ’17

A simple idea for this year’s #NaNoGenMo (like National Novel-Writing Month but much less effort because a robot writes your novel). Basically, it’s an exhaustive find-and-replace script that places a new “skin” on your favourite novel. So like Pride & Prejudice, but it’s entirely about gay porn stars. Or Crime and Punishment but it’s about Hamburglar who’s on the lam after killing a Fry Kid.

April ’17

A found poem I made out of questions from an adjective quiz for schoolkids

A quantum multiverse I ordered on the Internet for $20

March ’17

This remake of a famous scene from Un Chien Andalou created from shitty stock footage off Shutterstock; inspired by the work of Australian video artist Henry Fisher, whose work I am a big fan of:

June ’16

Some fan theories, including one that explains why Carmen Sandiego keep stealing all those priceless artefacts

meta-trolley problem