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My name is Chris and I live in Sydney, Australia.

I write things that write things, often with the help of smarter people than myself who can code in programming languages other than BASIC. If you’re on Twitter a lot you might know Magic Realism Bot, which will soon be joined by its baby daughter. Both of these are coauthored with my sister Ali.

Other experimental works of “e-lit” I’ve done explore the possibilities of using social media content in real time to tell stories. They include the chatbot BETTY, a homage to the ur-bot ELIZA that’s powered by the social web; an auto-generated “novel” populated by text scraped from Wikipedia, images from Tumblr and online information from various other sources; and an autogenerated “play” that is written in real-time by Twitter users. These were all coauthored with new media art legend Andrew Burrell.

On my own, I also do a bunch of other oddball projects and micro-projects at the intersection of creative writing and the Internet. Stuff like this. I guess the common thread in all these works is not so much using cool technology to tell stories, but on using technology to tell cool stories, which is a slightly different.

I am a PhD guy at the University of Sydney, where I’m researching the impact of social media on writing, and I lecture at the University of New South Wales.

Sometimes I have ideas about the world that are probably wrong. I publish these on my blog or on Twitter. Wrong ideas expressed more verbosely live on my site.

Sometimes I write freelance for BuzzFeed where I am trying out some new ways to share ideas. I’ve collected some of my articles on my publications page, or check out my BuzzFeed or Guardian profile page.

I like toast, derelict shopping malls, mundane YouTube vlogs, and this Peg Bundy GIF.

How to contact me

If you’d like to discuss the Peg Bundy GIF, or anything else, email me at crodley at gmail dot com. If that doesn’t work, hit me up on Twitter or as a last resort Facebook. I’m always open to suggestions, corrections and criticism. (And if you want me to put a favourite word into Magic Realism Bot, just ask.)

Bye for now