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Gandhi, fixed

January 5, 2015


Gandhi, fixed:

First they ignore you.
Then you write an angry Guardian op-ed about them.
Then you convene an academic conference about them.
Then you turn it into a special issue of a journal.
Then your cool friend from Berlin curates an art show exploring the biopolitical techniques they use to enforce their oppressive power/knowledge.
Then all the foreign art hipsters who live in Berlin come to the show and tell you how amazing it is.
Then you all go and do ketamine off a SpongeBob Squarepants DVD case in somebody’s apartment in Neukölln.
Then they fight you.
Then they win.

Battle of the memes

September 2, 2014


A familiar cry on the Left is that so-called “slacktivism” is diverting the energies of progressives away from traditional, effective activism such as street protests into frivolous, symbolic battles. I wanted to interrogate this claim, so I wrote this op-ed for the Guardian about it.

I developed these ideas a bit more in a journal article called “When Memes Go to War: Viral Propaganda in the 2014 Gaza-Israel Conflict”, which you can find on my page.